M.Kruuse 10. November 1989 (30), Vantaa, Finland Was online more than one month ago
  • The aim of my registration on this site is friendshipflirtrelationship
  • Interested in girls aged from 18
  • I speak estonianenglish.
  • I have one child.
  • 186 cm
  • I smoke.
  • I'm not a religious person.
  • 22.09.2011
  • Response rate: very low
About me

olen roheliste silmade ja keskmise kehaehitusega NoOrMeEs..meeldib tegeleda kunstiga (tatoveerimine) , talvel uisutamisega. kuna ma ei salli tühja vaikust siis olen ka muusika tuline austaja.

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    • You often have to spend time with yourself. But it cannot be said that this is depressing you, quite the contrary. There are minuses and pluses in being alone, plus is for example that you can think a lot and make important decisions. However the downside is that sometimes you feel a bit sad but it doesnt have to be like this, you can surely find a person who wants to be with you and share everything.
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