tinksu 13. October 1965 (53), Tallinn, Estonia Was online less than a day ago Send her a message
  • The aim of my registration on this site is friendship, flirt, relationship.
  • I speak estonian, russian.
  • I have two children.
  • 165 cm
  • I don't smoke.
  • Yet to be answered
  • 24.09.2011
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Head päevad langevad osaks mõistlikele inimestele, parimad aga neile, kes julgevad olla meeletud. Sigrid Undset

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  • What are you proud of? Find out what has special value to you
    • You are definitely very well-wishing, honest and friendly person. People are always drawn to you like a magnet and you never have to feel loneliness. The circle of your friends is so multifaceted that no matter what kind of idea you have come to mind, finding a company will not be difficult. In life you come across honest people and your friendship over the years only gets stronger. You can be proud of your friends and they in turn of you..
  • What makes you mad? The test will show what makes you react negatively
    • You have high intelligence and try to communicate with people who are at the same level of development as you. If you meet people on a life's journey who are completely [__ separating] not concerned with their own development, then such people automatically go into that group of your acquaintances with whom you communicate extremely rarely and for some specific reason.he same friends with whom you spend quite a lot of free time are well-read and multi-minded. In other words, people with low iq cause at least irritation in you. Moreover, this also applies to the opposite sex. No matter how good looking a person is, it is not enough for you...
  • What kind of help can friends expect from you? Find out how you can help family and friends
    • You will never leave another person in trouble and will do everything possible to help. If someone asks you for something you always hurry [___separator__] to help the person making every effort. You yourself rarely turn to someone for help, but for sure you only need to ask and everyone will not think twice and be there for you because you have always been very kind to everyone. You managed to win such a reputation with the help of your kind and sympathetic heart.
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