Aune 11. June 1989 (30), Kuressaare, Estonia Was online less than a day ago
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  • The aim of my registration on this site is friendship
  • Interested in guys aged from 30
  • I speak estonian.
  • I have no kids.
  • 165 cm
  • I smoke.
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  • 15.05.2013
  • Response rate: very low
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    • Many people are irritated by people with high self-esteem, including you. therefore if already at the first acquaintance you [__ separator__] notice that a man decided that he is the most wonderful in the whole world and everybody including you, should lie at his feet, then the further interest to communicate with such a person disappears. Low self-esteem, of course, also does not bear in itself anything good. You will always look for a "normal" man and you are attracted not only by look but also by soul...
  • What attracts others in you on the first date? Learn what makes you special at the first meeting
    • What attracts about you is sociability. It's interesting to spend time with you and it is clear even on the first date. If you will not manage to create a romantic relationship, friendship for the years is certainly guaranteed. Your stories are interesting, you can have a dialogue and most importantly, it's easy with you. Obviously you are by nature a good conversationalist and there is no way but up for you.
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