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Send gift rokkar25 o 09. February 1979 (41), Valga, Estonia Was online about a week ago

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Barredwardham more than one month ago

Good day,<br />
I am Barrister Edward Hamund, I am contacting you in regard to a fund of 13.5million USD left in a bank here in Togo West Africa by my late client before his death I decided to contact you since you bear the same surname with my client, So that i will present you to the bank as the next of kin to enable the bank to transferred the fund to your personal bank account before it get confiscated by the bank. He was my client here in Africa before his sudden death.<br />
<br />
Edward Hamund Esq. LLB, BL<br />
Cabinet Dentaire Nifa.10.<br />
Rue Amouzou, Lome-Togo West Africa.<br />

neiukene15 more than one month ago

kena valge kiisu :D<br />

Maria more than one month ago

Kass on sul ilus, puhas valge, mul oli ka kunagi täpselt selline,- aga nyyd on mul sellised kiisud, et te ei oska isegi aimata. See, mida soovid, tuleb su ellu nagunii, muidugi kassidega on mul eriliselt vedanud, nii nagu ka kõige muuga, ära siis unusta oma kassiga mängida, sest seda nad väga armastavad, vähemalt minu omad on küll erilised nurrmootorid, ravijad, paitajad ja muidu vigurivändad. :-)

-carry-me-away- more than one month ago

s a t a n c a t

makk more than one month ago

pimestav pilk:)

loog more than one month ago

Pole viga ! Ikka läheb vaikselt.<br />

loog more than one month ago

Tsau! Kas sa tunned mind ?

afrodita66 more than one month ago


ReidiAndres more than one month ago

hypnotic eyes .

-FreeBird- more than one month ago

tundub et su kiisuke on tiba palju fosforit söönud.. =) tglt kena pilt!!

loog more than one month ago

Sorry.Kas ma tunnen sind?<br />

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